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Skico's Summer Plans for Snowmass Will Take a Little Longer

The new summer attractions in the works for Snowmass will have to wait a little longer, as Aspen Skiing Co.'s initial timeline will be pushed back by a more thorough environmental review. Skico had hoped to break ground next year, but the plans involving an on-mountain coaster, among other attractions, now have to go through an extra level of Forest Service scrutiny.

While the summer improvements were included in Snowmass' master plan that was accepted in August, every project must go through its own environmental review before being built.

On Monday, Skico told the Snowmass council that its summer plans will require the most detailed review at the local level, go through a prescreening at the regional Forest Service office and check-in at the national headquarters.

According to Skico officials, the additional review didn't so much come from the particulars of the Snowmass project as the deluge of summer activity applications the Forest Service has been receiving since the process was opened up by legislation a few years ago. So, in an attempt to better review plans, the anticipated nine to 12 month process will likely take 12 to 24 months instead.

In other news, the new High Alpine lift is set to open Dec. 11. So some things are on time.

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