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Smart Boston Remodel Gives Kitchen Easy Wheelchair Access

Making good use of what little space city apartments offer is tough, but it's even trickier—yet ever more crucial—when you add wheelchair accessibility to the equation. In its latest issue, Dwell profiles a clever kitchen renovation in Boston, in which local firm Bunker Workshop deployed a series of specific maneuvers to open up a closed-off 90-square-foot kitchen for one of the clients, a woman who was recently paralyzed by a neurological disease.

Bunker Workshop's Chris Greenawalt tailored the design to the client's needs and measured her wheelchair for an exact fit. From eliminating a constricting wall between the kitchen and hallway to creating a perfect void under the sink for the wheelchair to adding marble beneath the upper cabinets for an improved "wheelchair-point-of-view," the space is now full of details that make it comfortable for all. Head to Dwell for the full story.

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