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Peek Inside a Renovated Home in SF's Mission District

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Back in 2014, a Curbed editor ended a post about the property at 29 Dorland Street with this question: " an unbuilt house really worth $2.4 million?" The query was generated by the fact that the then rundown home was back on the market, just 16 months after being sold for $1.35 million. This time it came with remodel plans, permits, and a new asking price of $2.4 million. Today, we have the tentative answer: If it sells for its new asking price of $5.5 million, then it was likely worth the price. As it stands right now, the house is the most expensive property on the market in the Mission District, followed by 2700 Bryant St., an interesting building with a $5 million dollar price tag.

Curbed SF has all the photos. >>