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Five Designy Gadgets From Back to the Future That We Wish Really Existed

In Back to the Future II, Marty McFly travels to October 21, 2015, which means that today is the first and only Back to the Future Day. A lot has changed since the movie came out, however, and while we still appear to be years away from some of its more far-fetched predictions (the Cubs winning the World Series, for instance) others seem to be almost within reach.

Here now, five gadgets that Marty used in the Back to the Future series that we would love to see science actually create.

1. Self-Lacing Shoes
Nike came out with a limited run of the shoes from the movie in 2011, and now says they're coming back, but real, mass-produced self-tying shoes (and self-drying jackets) continue to evade us. This seems like a problem that technology could potentially catch up with.

2. Cars
Who among us didn't watch the Back to the Future movies in awe, thinking, If only we really had some of those big metal driving machines—imagine what we could do with them. Maybe someday.

3. Sports Almanacs
In the second movie, Biff gets rich using an awesome book full of sports statistics and scores from 1950-2000. All we can say is: Wow.

4. Old Man Scientist Friends
This is one where we have a hard time believing it doesn't exist yet. We figured that by the year 2010, at the latest, we would all have a crazy old scientist for a best friend who would take us on fun adventures. But with funding cut to government research programs that were working on their development, it looks like we're going to have to keep holding our breath for quite a long time.

5. Time Machines
What's the holdup?