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A Construction Company Is Going to Pick Up This 11,000-Square-Foot Mansion and Move It 30 Feet

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This 11,000-square-foot beauty in Winchester, Massachusetts is known as the Richmond House, and a construction and development firm called Wellbuilt Company is planning to pick it up and move it 30 feet in order to make room for another house on the property. If that sounds nerve-wracking, allow them to reassure you with a detailed description of their methods. (Everything in italics is our addition.)

• We excavate a 12 ft trench around the home down to the basement floor level and we open a hole through the side wall large enough to allow the machines to enter in and out of the basement.

• Next we begin opening up the face of the brick to allow the insertion of steel beams into and across the span of the basement, exiting the brick facade on the opposite side. These beams are spaced 3 feet apart and are used to assume the weight of the home once the weight bearing walls have been disconnected from the shell. We also vertically strap the home with the same beams to avoid the structure "racking" or leaning.

• Once the weight has been removed from the original foundation and supports, we begin building up supports or "cribbing" inside the basement to support the beams and weight bearing walls.

• Next step is to use a unified jacking system to simultaneously lift all sides of the house at the same time and at the same pace. This avoids any counter balancing or swaying.
Don't drop it!

• Once the house is in the air we set it down on the large rack with the wheels and begin to mobilize the structure to its new resting spot.
Don't drop it!

• When the structure is at the exact location of the new sitting point it is set back down on a new foundation and all steel bracing is removed and the original foundation is filled in.
Careful! Careful!

• Lastly the holes that were made to pass the steel beams through the walls are repaired and restored to match the existing exterior.

It should be fine. · Wellbuilt Company [official]