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Owner of Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run' House: 'We Probably Paid More Than It Was Worth'

Some more details about the "Born to Run" house, the little house in Long Beach, New Jersey where Bruce Springsteen wrote the famous album, now on the market for $299,000: the owners, a trio of friends, had plans to turn it into a "museum or something" when they purchased it for $280,000 in 2009, a price that one of them now admits was "paid more than it was worth." Another of the owners, Jerry Ferrara (not that one), makes the point that, "We'd been to a couple of auctions where people paid a ridiculous amount of money for a (Springsteen) signed guitar [and] to me, the house is better than that stuff," which—fair enough—but also you don't have to pay property taxes or upkeep on a guitar.

On the bright side, one of the amenities that the house comes with is a (slight) chance of a surprise visit from Bob Dylan, who was detained by police in 2009 when he was spotted wandering around Long Beach at night in the rain, presumably looking for the house for some reason.
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