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This Place Matters: 10 U.S. Bars & Restaurants to Know

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Scholz Garten (Austin, TX)—Photo by Counse/Creative Commons<span></span>
Scholz Garten (Austin, TX)—Photo by Counse/Creative Commons

All month long in October 2015, Curbed and National Trust for Historic Preservation are teaming up on #ThisPlaceMatters, a social campaign highlighting the most beloved places across America. Our motto at Curbed is "love where you live," which ties in succinctly with the National Trust's mission to highlight everyday buildings and places alongside those officially earmarked for historic preservation. We're looking to you, our readers, to submit photos of your favorite places—along a different theme each week—via Instagram and Twitter by tagging them with #ThisPlaceMatters. Don't forget to tag Curbed (@curbed) and the National Trust (@savingplaces) in your photos, too. This week's theme: Bars and restaurants.

While historic theaters and religious buildings are no doubt spectacular, it's the neighborhood bars and restaurants—with their wide-ranging themes, locales, and clientele—that can probably lay claim to the best stories. From the Sip n' Dip Lounge bringing live "mermaids" to Great Falls, Montana to Vesuvio Cafe keeping the Beat era alive in San Francisco, these essential local spots not only have fascinating interiors, but have histories well worth digging into.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and we encourage you to share the stories of your favorite bars and restaurants. Be sure to use the hashtag #ThisPlaceMatters and tag @curbeddotcom on Instagram and @curbed on Twitter so we can see it!

Vesuvio Cafe (San Francisco, California—Photo by Digital Archaeology/Creative Commons

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