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Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Final Stage, Set to Finish in 2026

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The epic Sagrada Família basilica, Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi's unfinished masterwork in Barcelona, is finally entering the last stage of construction, 90 years after Gaudi's passing. According to Dezeen, Jordi Fauli, the chief architect of the project, told media during a Wednesday press conference that structural work on the building is on track to finish by 2026, a full 100 years after Gaudi's death. However, even then, it still won't fully reflect Gaudi's complete vision. Fauli made sure to note that decorative elements of the religious structure may not be finished until 2032.

The final phase of construction, a $28 million-a-year operation funded by visitor fees and donations, will focus on the six central towers of Gaudi's grand design. The basilica will have 18 when finished, each named after and dedicated to an Apostle, evangelist, Mary or Jesus (the central tower of Jesus Christ will measure 566 feet). The magnum opus, now roughly 70 percent finished, has been all-consuming for those involved; for instance, three generations of the Bonet family have worked on the structure. These things can happen when you break ground in 1882. If you're impatient to see the towering structure in its final form, you can always watch this animation of the last steps of construction.

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