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Atlanta Midcentury Asking $850K Has Beastie Boys Connection

If our unyielding Internet research is correct, this swinging midcentury-modern pad in Buckhead is the part-time residence of none other than Michael "Mike D" Diamond of the Beastie Boys and his director wife. We featured this four-bedroom, 1964 remodel back in 2013, when it was scooped up for $685,000 by one Tamra Davis. Mike D has been married for two decades to director Tamra Davis; she shot Beasties music videos and 1990s off-kilter classics such as "CB4," "Billy Madison" and "Half Baked" and has worked in Atlanta over the years. In a New York Times profile last year, the house-building couple said they'd renovated homes for themselves in Malibu and Atlanta. No other Tamra Davis is attached to a property in Atlanta, according to property records, and one of the couple's two kids is named Skyler (note the whimsical artwork on one bedroom wall). In any case, this is one sleek midcentury specimen, with a bold double-sided fireplace, dazzling light fixtures, a top-flight kitchen and windows aplenty for taking in the forested setting.

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