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'Cards Against Urbanity' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

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Fans of the card game "Cards Against Humanity" and urban planning will doubtlessly get a real kick out of "Cards Against Urbanity," which—if you haven't heard of it before—officially sanctioned spinoff game that includes cards like "The Mayor got in trouble for crowdsourcing ________" and "The city council recently banned ________" and in the opposite pile "The word 'vibrant'" "NIMBYs" and "Brad Pitt pretending to be an architect." It just celebrated the one-year anniversary of its successful Kickstarter funding (it raised $28,000) and its inventors are touting it as an effective learning tool, in addition to, clearly, being the most fun.
· How a Not-Entirely-Polite Card Game Is Changing Urban Planning [Next City, via Archinect]