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3 Design Tips From the Dreamiest Tiny Cottage in New England

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Joining a bustling parade of fabulous micro dwellings, this recently completed weekend home in the woodsy small town of Foster, Rhode Island is an utter small-space dream. But the 530-square-foot Dwell-aprroved abode, designed by Providence-based firm 3SIXØ, with landscaping work by the client, artist Allison Paschke, also holds a couple of clear design takeaways for those aspiring to a similarly modest-yet-dreamy retreat.

1. Do the Wright thing...that is, employing a low-ceilinged front entrance that opens up to a soaring interior—which, in Dwell's words, is "a classic architectural trick borrowed from Frank Lloyd Wright that pumps up the spatial drama."

2. Recessed nooks are your friend...key components of this home—the kitchen, bed, writing desk—are all built into the wall, which helps declutter the one-room space.

3. Keep it simple...Stick to a few natural materials that create a coherent look. All the floors and built-ins in this cottage, for example, are made from Douglas fir.

Head to Dwell for the full story and gallery.

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