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5 Terrifying Buildings for People Afraid of Heights

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In the world of architecture and design, it's been quite a trying year for people with a deep and abiding fear of heights, who have had to contend with piece after piece on news about glass bridges or planned developments that suspend pools between soaring towers. If three's a trend, what's five? Just in time for Halloween, which arrives this weekend, here are a quintet of examples—a flock of terrifying buildings, if you will—that will leave acrophobes cold.


The one that, for us at least, started it all: This suspended, glass-bottomed pool in London. The pool was designed as part of a real estate development in the British capital, and it is suspended about 10 stories off the ground, acting as a bridge between two towers. This would be quite a daunting feat already, but the fact that pool has a glass-bottom is sure to leave acrophobes cold.


Not to be outdone, this glass-bottomed bridge in India is 12 stories off the ground and not only spans multiple buildings but also projects out a bit from each, like a terrifying hybrid pool-balcony. Eep!


And here's one that's already finished: A sky pool in Hong Kong that cantilevers from the edge of the resort on which it's perilously perched. Probably stable, structurally, but maybe don't look down?


This glass bridge in China scared the living daylights out of our readers, but probably not as much as it terrified the unfortunate soul whose foot was on a glass panel of a nearby walkway up to the bridge as it cracked. We're fainting just thinking about it.


And, finally, in New Zealand, a bridge actually gave way and people came tumbling off of it. And there is goosebump-inducing video to prove it.

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