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Ultra-Posh Beverly Hills Pad Hailed as 'Heaven' Asks $8.5M

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Location: Beverly Hills, California
Price: $8,500,000

When the gleaming Caverhill Residence arrived on the scene in Beverly Hills in 2010, the Los Angeles Times called it "heaven on a hillside." Its unique shape—a wedge-like form that made the best of an unconventional, sloped building site—set it apart from its neighbors. It's architect said that, from above, the house appeared to have been dropped from the constellation Andromeda. All this talk of the heavens can obscure the fact that the house, designed by Zoltan Pali of local firm Studio Pali Fekete Architects, served the more humdrum, earth-bound purposes of gathering, entertaining, and, well, living, for its owners, Don and Debbie Caverhill, for whom the house is named. With 4 bedrooms and 5.5 baths spread over about 4,700 square feet, there's certainly not a dearth of space for potential new owners.

Adding to the feeling of wide open spaces is the series of unpartitioned rooms that make up the interiors, and the broad glass windows that look out onto greater L.A. Touches likehorizontally-laid bamboo cabinetry in the kitchen (the same wood appears as paneling elsewhere) help warm up what could otherwise be a rather stark affair. Take a look!

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