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Scenic Eco-Resort Reborn From Rural Chinese Farmhouses

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China's rural villages are ripe for new development and with the country's large expanses of steep, cloud-piercing mountain ranges, many will have gorgeous backdrops to offer, too. Just look at the recently completed Yun House Boutique Eco-Resort in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi. Designed by Chinese firm Ares Partners, the roughly 32,000-square-foot facility is spread over nine renovated farmhouses and one steel-and-glass addition that serves as a restaurant.

The goal of achieving "symbiosis" between the old and new is apparent throughout the complex. For example, layout of the resort was designed so that it blends into the structure of the existing village nearby. The retrofitted rammed earth buildings on site also feature tons of refurbished wooden beams and doors. Get the full story on ArchDaily.

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