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Epidemic of Undying Love Threatens to Overwhelm Cities' Infrastructure

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"Love Locks," those padlocks that couples hang on bridges to symbolize their everlasting love, are back in the news after the New York Times ran a feature reporting on the issue, and its opponents' efforts to put a stop to it. It's an interesting piece, and an interesting debate, but our favorite part comes in the form of a couple of quotes, the first from the co-founder of, regarding whether or not Paris could set up a designated area for the locks:

"No, that ship has sailed. The problem is too big to control or contain," Ms. Anselmo said. "You can't possibly say, 'You can hang locks here, but not over there.' It's a mania now."

...which conjures an image of a city overrun with brass locks, locks covering every surface, the trees tipping over under the weight of locks, fences sagging, etc. This one from the park board chairman of Vancouver, is also enjoyable, in a different way:

"People want to recognize moments in their lives," Mr. Coupar said, "and love is an important thing to people."


Seriously, though, in-love people, stop doing that thing with the locks. It's destructive, and also tacky.
· A Scourge in Paris, Love Locks Prevail in Other Cities [NYT, via Gizmodo]