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Rescue a Breezy Midcentury Gem in Oklahoma for $199K

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Photos via Zillow

Location: Yukon, Oklahoma
Price: $198,500

Over in Yukon, Oklahoma, about 16 miles west of Oklahoma City, a flagstone midcentury on a wooded 1.5 acres seems to be drawing its last breath, desperately hoping for some resourceful folks to scoop it up and love it anew. Here's the deal: the 1947-built house was designed by local architect Richard Kuhlman for his dentist friend and, upon completion, became a local sensation that made it into publications like House Beautiful. These days, the 3,168-square-foot, three-bedroom home is less glamorous: According to Zillow, It was foreclosed in March 2014 and is now freshly on the market for roughly $200K, cash only.

As a detailed blog post on Okie Mod Squad (a site dedicated to showcasing midcentury modern architecture in the Sooner State) explains, the house has gone through several odd renovations over the years, which saw some less-than-stellar changes including a funky bathroom/closet area converted from a utility room, a bedroom/den converted from the carport, and another extra bedroom created in what was once an interior courtyard. Still, plenty of great original features have been preserved, everything from the parquet floors and light fixtures to the flagstone wall in the master bedroom and the open living/dining area. Okie Squad Mod also goes into great depth about the house's fantastic capacity to generate breeze when there is none, which you can read about here.

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