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Tree From Le Corbusier House Repurposed Into Household Accessories

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Artist Jaime Hayon has designed three decorative household accessories that are to be created from what might be the most prestigious possible material: the Paulownia tree from Le Corbusier's 1924 Villa Le Lac, the concrete house on the shore of Lake Geneva that he built for his parents. The tree is now dying, so Italian furniture company Cassina jumped at the opportunity to use it for something, and commissioned Hayon, who created three pieces—a birdhouse that can store mail and keys and things of that nature, a wooden bird (that can also hold letters in its beak), and a shelf on which the bird can sit, if it gets tired of the birdhouse.

· le corbusier's villa le lac paulownia tree has been turned into objects by jaime hayon for cassina [design boom]