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Snowmass' Burlingame Cabin Owners Want to Build a New Hut

The owners of Burlingame Cabin, a small structure on a 1.8-acre private parcel above Snowmass' Scooper lift, want to build a new on-mountain hut to attract more year-round use to the property. Most recently, Aspen Skiing Co. used the Burlingame Cabin for snowcat dining tours but stopped when newer, nicer options became available. Building a new, hut-like rustic cabin would, according to the owners, allow the property to be used once again for unique Snowmass experiences.

The Burlingame Cabin wasn't always above Scooper lift; it was moved there and the private parcel was created to get it out of the way of skiers who were jumping the cabin, creating a liability issue.

In the summer, the property is used for Jeep sunset dinner tours, but the cabin itself only sees use when it's raining. Now that Skico isn't using the cabin, it sits empty during the winter.

The owners are asking Snowmass Village to offer initial feedback on their plan to build a 2,500 to 3,000 square foot structure designed for overnight and day use. The idea is that skiers could use it in the winter and mountain bikers could take advantage of it during the summer. Al Beyer Design sketched what a new cabin might look like, with the concept being to create a high-end version of a 10th Mountain Division hut.

What do you think Curbed Ski readers: Would this be a welcome addition to Snowmass?

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