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Now There's a Robot That Can Lay Bricks With No Human Supervision

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Well, that was quick. Last month, news came of a robot called SAM (semi-automated mason), that could lay bricks. But don't worry, its creators assured everyone, SAM did presage the end of human construction jobs, because people would still be needed to oversee its work and make sure it didn't mess anything up.

But now, a Swiss team has developed another robot that "can actually go on construction sites and build non-standard designs, meaning designs that can vary and adapt to the local conditions." It is being called the In-situ Fabricator, although if they'd asked us we'd have suggested FAM (fully-automated mason). Its creators are also claiming that their invention will not put human bricklayers out of work, saying, "They'll actually collaborate with humans, so the best of each kind of skills come together," but we'll see.
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