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Off-The-Grid Prefab Home a Perfect Match for Remote Island

From the affordable to the tech-savvy to the very goodlookin', prefab houses can offer endless choices for your ideal home. As Dwell profiles in its latest issue, one Aussie couple decided to take their prefab dream to the remote Tasman Peninsula on Australia's already isolated island of Tasmania. The pair enlisted local firm Misho + Associates to build a low-budget vacation home on their newly purchased 47-acre plot filled with hills and eucalyptus trees.

The finished home, an 818-square-foot prefabricated "box within a box," defends against strong northeasterly winds with a robust weather-resistant, steel-framed outer layer covered in bright orange metal screens. Interior spaces, which include an open living area and two en-suite bedrooms, are sheltered in separate plywood cubes that can also open up to the outside when desired. Various eco-conscious gestures, such as an evacuated solar-tube system to minimize energy use, rainwater harvesting, and a grey-and-black water recycling system make the off-the-grid-capable home a respectful addition to the surrounding wilderness.

Get the full story and gallery on Dwell.

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