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Popular Food Truck-Turned-Restaurant Gets Hip New Digs

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When Carmnik, a popular burger food truck in Gdynia, Poland decided to open a physical store, its owner enlisted local firm PB Studio to expand and interpret the Carmnik aesthetic to the new space. As such, the team drew upon design elements seen in the food truck itself to inform the interiors of the new restaurant. Pine plywood panels—a recognizable feature of the mobile van—now make up the walls and benches at the venue. Staggered shelving on one side displays a model of the food truck. Carmnik's black logo manifests in the black and grey tiled, herringbone flooring. All this is tied together with upholstery, pendant lamps, chalkboards, tiled walls—all in a sumptuous shade of green.

· PB studio designs fixed restaurant venue for carmnik food truck [Designboom]