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Tour a Habitat 67 Pad After its Sleek, Modern Renovation

Habitat 67, the iconic Montreal housing complex that put Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie on the map in 1967, is radical in both form and function: no doubt a striking sight from near and far, its particular stacked, modular massing strategy also put forth the wild idea that urban dwellers can actually have semi-private terraces and a "house-like" experience in high-rises. If you've ever wondered what that all looks like, particularly in the year 2015, this new renovation project by local firm Studio Practice offers a good inside look. Completed this year, the renovation undid several previous remodels that had obscured the unit's panoramic skyline views.

To achieve this, the designers removed many existing interior partitions and added in glass walls to subdivide the space. The resulting multi-level residence, furnished with a floating staircase and glossy black and white cabinets, definitely looks a lot more airy than the building's all-concrete exterior lets on (though concrete does make a selective appearance on the interior as well.)

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