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#ThisPlaceMatters, a Celebration of Personal Landmarks Across America

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All month long in October 2015, Curbed and National Trust for Historic Preservation are teaming up on #ThisPlaceMatters, a social campaign highlighting the most beloved places across America. Our motto at Curbed is "love where you live," which ties in succinctly with the National Trust's mission to highlight everyday buildings and places alongside those officially earmarked for historic preservation. We're looking to you, our readers, to submit photos of your favorite places, preserved or not, on Instagram and Twitter by tagging them with #ThisPlaceMatters. Don't forget to tag Curbed and @savingplaces, too.

Your contributions to this campaign can be any structures and scenery that matter to you: the iconic theater downtown, a quirky storefront, or an intriguing sign or special landscape in another city. From a massive bridge to a singular landscape, these personal landmarks help explain why we love our neighborhoods, cities, and towns. Your photos will be part of a nationwide crowdsourcing campaign to spotlight places with character that bring our communities to life.

Participating is simple. Print out this drop pin sign and incorporate it into a group photo, selfie, or simply a photo of the place. Then share your image on social media, along with a short explanation of the place's significance to you and the hashtag #ThisPlaceMatters. (You can even request a physical flag for bigger photos). If you can't print a pin, don't worry: your photo and your story are the important parts.

Curbed editors and staff at the National Trust for Historic Preservation will also be sharing some of our favorite places every week, focused on a different theme, beginning with theaters, then looking at places of worship, bars and restaurants, and bridges. We'll also be posting reader photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

By sharing your place and story, no matter how local or unique, you help showcase our emotional ties to the built environment and the importance of preserving places that matter.

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