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Movable Walls Transform Giant Studio Into Two-Bedroom Pad

All photos courtesy of <a href="">PKMN Architectures</a>
All photos courtesy of PKMN Architectures

As Ikea works on bringing movable walls to the masses, a recent project completed by Spanish design firm PKMN Architectures offers a good look at how a super flexible apartment might actually work. The studio, which previously conceiveda transformable flat with sliding chipboard shelves, this time created a 750-square-foot vacation flat for a couple who wanted an adaptable home that can accommodate both large gatherings and private rest quarters. The solution here involves multiple large movable walls that not only act as space dividers but also include fold-down beds and shelves.

This scheme creates a home with three configurations: two bedrooms, one bedroom, or no bedroom. At the no-bedroom state, the apartment has an open central living area of nearly 540 square feet. As the video below shows, all the rotating furniture appears transformable in a minute's time. While this constant shuffling might put off some people, the extra effort is worth the resulting flexibility to these satisfied-looking clients.

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