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Here's an $80 Cat Toy Designed to Not Clash With Your Furniture

Making a cat go nuts chasing after a laser pointer is one of the few pure joys in life. But the thing about laser pointers is, they're just so gauche. Apparently. Introducing: Obi, a big laser pointer that you control through your iPhone, which was "purposely designed to have a neutral tone that will fit with any style" and which is currently trying to raise $120,000 on Kickstarter. An $80 donation will get you one of these very necessary products, and you'd better jump on it now because it will probably retail at $100, according to its inventors, and then you'll be stuck with a regular old embarrassing laser pointer that you have to control with your hand.
· This Laser Cat Toy Is Designed To Fit In With A Contemporary Interior [Contemporist]