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We Actually Like This Bookshelf

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We've been known to be a little curmudgeonly around these parts when it comes to books and their storage. But, credit where credit is due: designer Aurélien Veyrat's L Shelf is something we actually like. For one thing, you can store books on it without destroying them. Also, you can take books off and put them back on without all the rest of the books falling all over the place. Also, you can store a bunch of books on it. (And, as an added bonus, it's adjustable, so you it can fit any space and libraries of varying sizes.) It also looks nice and slots together with no glue or screws. And the kicker: the fact that it leans to one side means that your books won't fall over, which is actually an improvement on the standard (fine) bookshelf.

Good bookshelf.
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