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The Rich History of The Architectural Review & Architect's Journal, Now Going Digital-Only

British publications Architects' Journal and The Architectural Review, which have been in print since 1896, announced they're transitioning to a digital-only format earlier this week, joining a long list of design journals that are shuttering their print editions. Publisher Top Right will oversee the shift, expected to take 12-18 months, to keep the publications in line with a bigger, company-wide shift towards turning established titles into hybrid digital publishers and live events companies. As the magazines have expounded upon on their own sites, they have a long and proud history, beginning with the founding of the Architectural Review for the Artist and Craftsman in 1896. A long list of innovations and big-name contributors, including literary figures such as Evelyn Waugh and D.H. Lawrence have graced the pages of these publications, and the Architectural Review was one of the first publications to cover the burgeoning Modernist movement in 1934. This is a magazine that printed Louis Sullivan's speeches verbatim and commissioned pieces from Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius—imagine being able to say this about any other publication. We wish them the best with the transition; we'll certainly miss the incredible cover images.

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