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Frank Gehry on His First Yacht: 'It's About Romance'

"Don't let me go too crazy," Gehry told the Argentine naval architect who was helping him design his first-ever yacht. What follows is a delightful little story about Gehry's vision clashing repeatedly with the fact that the boat he was designing was meant to be a racing yacht, which was somewhat at odds with his desire to, say, line the entire thing with wood (instead of the light carbon fiber that boats built for speed are typically designed with). Which leads to paragraphs like this one:

"Glass steals a lot of the hull's strength," White says, likening Foggy's windows to "holes in a pipe." To see if they could withstand wave pressure, he and his team took sample panels to the technology laboratory at the University of Maine in Orono, where they hydraulically flushed the portals until they broke. (The windows turned out to be safe.) Clearly, Gehry being Gehry, he wasn't interested in just designing a fast boat. "On a boat like this, it's about romance and romantic encounters," he said. The whole piece is worth a read.
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