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Woman Buys House, Discovers 25 Years Later That It's a Frank Lloyd Wright

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In retrospect, nonprofit group Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin, which just announced the discovery of the sixteenth example from the famous architect's short-lived foray into predesigned homes with factory-built materials (called American System-Built Houses), is pretty lucky that mathematician Linda McQuillen is the one who bought the house 25 years ago. "I thought I was getting a house by somebody who did a nice job copying a Wright home," she told the Wisconsin State Journal. After purchasing the home for $100,000 in 1989, McQuillen embarked on a remodeling in keeping with the style in which Wright had designed the place in 1917. Now, the group and McQuillen are hoping to uncover some original photos of the house.
· Frank Lloyd Wright house found in Madison [Wisconsin State Journal, via artnet]