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Atlanta's UFO Midcentury Bunker All Set for Restoration

One of metro Atlanta's wildest midcentury residences will not be a teardown after all. This UFO-looking, half-buried concrete abode from 1962, located around the corner from Kennesaw State University, has been saved by — of all things — a drone. Back in February, the three-bedroom home listed for $249,900 and was looking like surefire bulldozer bait. But good news came this week from the agent, Cindy Young of CY Realty Partners and Keller Williams Realty, who was brought in after the initial listing to drum up more interest. "After meeting the homeowners and hearing their incredible story about how the home was built by their father, Robert Myatt, I knew (it) contains too much history to be torn down," Young told Curbed. So she hired a professional photographer who flew a drone over the property and nearby attractions, emphasizing proximity to the golf course. And … presto! "The home immediately received many inquiries and was sold in about one week," said Young. "It's not being torn down but will be renovated and lived in."

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