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8 Stellar Instagram Accounts for Midcentury Furniture Lovers

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Whether or not you think it's overdone, midcentury furniture has remained eminently covetable. From those ubiquitous Eames lounge chairs, to lesser-known works by midcentury luminaries like Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen, gorgeous midcentury furniture abounds, if you know where to look. Here now, 7 Instagram accounts from midcentury furniture retailers across the U.S.—from NYC to the midwest to the south and the west coast—to help you on your hunt for the cushiest couch, the perfect settee, or the crème de la crème of credenzas.


San Francisco Bay area


#OtherTimesVintage #midcentury #midcenturymodern #vintagefurniture #Brooklyn #interiordesign

A photo posted by Other Times Vintage (@othertimesvintage) on

Brooklyn, New York


Feeling kinda warm and cozy about our space and my peeps! Must be the nice weather bringing out the love thanks all!

A photo posted by amsterdammodern (@amsterdammodern) on

Los Angeles


Thems my jams #charlespollock But seriously tho these are like my favorite chairs tho and they can be yours

A photo posted by The Good Mod (@thegoodmod) on

Portland, Oregon


Kansas City, Missouri




New Orleans


New York, New York

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