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Incredible Clock Tower Loft in Chicago Seeks $439K

This loft should seriously be the setting of a sitcom — it just looks like it was made for TV. The two bedroom, two bathroom unit is located at the very top of the Clocktower Lofts building on Wabansia and offers a surprising amount of space for the money. The listing indicates that the loft is sole unit on the fourth floor, so there's plenty of privacy. The kitchen has some pretty nice appliances and the living room space has very tall ceilings. However, the highlight is certainly the lofted bedroom with the big clock face integrated into the wall. Something like this is certainly unique and could really create an opportunity for lots of interesting design ideas. But the deal only gets better, as a huge rooftop deck space and garage parking are included. This one can be had for $439,900.

You'll want to see all the photos. >>