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Swedish Lakeside Spa is Half Barn, Half Greenhouse

All photos by <a href="http://ulfcelander.se/">Ulf Celander</a> via <a href="http://www.dezeen.com/2015/10/09/tailor-made-arkitekter-archetypal-barn-glasshouse-architecture-uppgrenna-nature-house-sweden/">Dezeen</a>
All photos by Ulf Celander via Dezeen

By Sweden's glorious Lake Vättern, the familiar red barn and always striking greenhouse building forms have merged to create Uppgrenna Nature House, the ultimate (fantasy?) weekend getaway As Dezeen explains, Swedish firm Tailor Made Architecture modeled the structure after the Naturhus, "a sustainable housing concept developed by Swedish architect Bengt Warne in the 1970s."

In a Naturhus, the core living area is surrounded by a "shell of glass" that creates an outdoor area shielded from the winter weather. As such, nearly 40 percent of this venue's total floor area (5,600 square feet) is dedicated to vegetated terraces with gorgeous lake views.

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