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Design of Charming Bay Area Home Started with a Love Story

There aren't many interior design projects that start as a love story, but this is one of them. This home belongs to designer Vanessa McBride and her husband, Chuck. It is located beside a marina in Larkspur, and done in an eclectic, global style that makes room for English and Asian antiques, as well as water motifs and colorful surfboards. You could say the project was launched when the couple met, and that happened when Chuck came into Cabana Home where Vanessa was then working and asked for her guidance in recovering a chair. "He had just bought this home, and he had purchased a console from the store for it," she said. "He came back to have a chair reupholstered, and I helped him." Little did she know she'd be living with that chair in a matter of years.

From a chair to the whole house >>