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Samsung's Galaxy View Wants to Kill the Traditional TV

In the home entertainment arena, the television has long reigned supreme. But with the rise of mobile devices and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, TV sets have lost their luster. Once a high-tech hearth for the American family, beaming in space walks and sports games, the television has, for some, become just another screen for watching the endless programs people want—and on demand. South Korean company Samsung wants to change that, with an oversized tablet the company is calling the Galaxy View (like its Galaxy line of smartphones). Tablets have been getting bigger since the debut of the iPad in 2010—and today, Apple debuted an even larger iPad Pro—but in terms of sheer scale, the Galaxy View, with its 18.4-inch screen, is the first of its kind. The larger size, though, seems more marketing tool than value-added feature for consumers, as resolution on the device is about the same as many smartphones. Watching a movie or playing a game on it is a fine experience, but not wowing enough to warrant a switch from what consumers already have.

Adding to the barriers to adoption, even for home-tech lovers, is the price tag. At $599, it's likely a foil to price points of premium television sets, which can cost thousands of dollars. But it's a bit expensive considering its low resolution compared to other tablets and its size, which is neither ultra-portable nor likely to incite the same familial, nostalgic atmosphere of a traditional television set. Though die-hard gadget lovers may not mind adding the Galaxy View to their arsenal, the tablet isn't likely to make any new rabid fans.

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