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Telluride, Colorado is Considering a Tiny Home Community

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Although only in the preliminary stages, the Telluride Town Council recently come closer to approving the temporary use of tiny homes in Telluride. According to the Telluride Daily Planet, tiny homes are defined as "off-grid residences, usually on wheels, that are 400 square feet or less." The decision before the council is whether to allow 5 tiny homes to temporarily (180 days) relocate to a small tract of land within walking distance from the slopes of Telluride Ski Resort. The decision is an attempt to relieve the affordable housing crunch.

Tiny homes might be just the thing to help save ski towns. Ski towns across the West—from Jackson to Aspen to Bend—are currently facing low-income housing shortages. Tiny homes are seen as a potential way of "infilling" existing land within city limits to offer lower cost housing. In the case of Telluride, the homes would be located in the Youth Link activity and resource center lot, part of the Telluride Parks & Recreation division. Officials have considered adding centrally located bathroom, showers and laundry facilities for use by tiny home residents to create more of a neighborhood effect. The town council will hold their next meeting on November 17, where they'll hear the tiny home proposal.

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