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This Fold-Up Portable Standing Desk Is Pretty Clever

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We have been known to give new concepts for standing desks a bit of a hard time around these parts, but this product from a team of young industrial designers actually seems pretty useful, and, most importantly, cheap. Expanding on the idea that a standing desk is just a regular desk with a bunch of books or something stacked on top of it (there's a lifehack for all you time-savers out there), the LEVIT8 says, "hey, who wants to carry around a bunch of books, though?" Instead, it provides you with a lightweight foldout stand that is small enough to fit into your laptop bag along with your computer. So far, the product has more than tripled its $4,000 Kickstarter goal with 23 days left to go.
· Portable and stylish LEVIT8 turns any table into a standing desk [Inhabitat]