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Meet the Upper-Middle Class Residents of Malibu's Million-Dollar Trailer Park

Malibu's Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park is a stigma-busting oceanfront trailer park where it's not uncommon for trailers to sell for more than a million dollars. Dating back to the 1950s, when fishermen parked their trailers on a plot by the ocean, the park had expanded to 100 trailers by the end of the 1970s, says the New York Times's T Magazine in a survey of some of its fancy residents. Around that time, the owners of the park developed the bluff above that first property to allow for 165 more units—double-wide trailers too. But while those first owners came because it was affordable, the community is now home to a far richer crowd, with Porsches and primary residences elsewhere (sometimes just a short jaunt down Pacific Coast Highway).

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