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Florida's $139M Megamansion Is Now a $159M Megamansion

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The owner of Le Palais Royal, Florida's unfinished $139 million megamansion that was briefly the most expensive home in the United States, is abiding by the old real estate maxim: if at first they don't buy your house, wait a year and then put it back on the market for $20 million more. The house is now asking $159 million. It is costing around $100 million total to build, including $3 million of gold leaf. And it appears that with this price increase, Le Palais has reclaimed the title of the Most Expensive Listing in the Country, as the California mansion that surpassed it has since dropped its price to $149 million.

· Florida's Le Palais Royal Boosts Its Price Tag to $159 Million [WSJ]