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Bold Manhattan Penthouse With Grand Solarium Asks $16M

NYC's Sutton Place Solarium penthouse has been under wraps since Amy Chanos, ex-wife of Kynikos Associates "king of short selling" Jim Chanos, snatched the pad up for a mere $4.35 million in the down-and-out rebound days of October 2011. But now, as Chanos seeks to unload the rather resplendent penthouse at 400 East 59th Street, listing pictures have brought the domicile back into the public eye. The penthouse is still drool-worthy, with its 35-foot-long solarium, 1,450 square feet of terraces, and lovely arched doorways. Chanos has done a number to the penthouse, with an interiors scheme only for the bold, and is following up with a $16 million ask. Think she'll get it?

You be the judge >>