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Here Are the 12 Most Delightful Home Diners For Sale in the United States

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Lately, we've been transfixed by the various listings we've come across for mansions that include basement replicas of 1950s diners, complete with booths, checkered floors, neon Coca-Cola signs, etc. Who, one could be forgiven for wondering, actually wants one of these things in their house? As it turns out, a lot of people do, and the more we've seen of them, the more we've come around. Here are 12 of the most ridiculous home diners currently on the market, starting with the one you see above, which is part of a $2.5 million "custom built Tuscan inspired masterpiece" in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. It is almost certainly the only home diner constructed around a pool.

In the basement of an $8 million massive 16,000-square-foot megamansion in Spring Lake, New Jersey, this "custom built 1950's style diner with commercial grade kitchen" is its own contained unit, with large windows, a front door, and a strip of neon light around the outside.

One of the more enticing diners to make this list is also the most expensive. Located in a $13 million Napa, California estate, it is described in the listing as a "50's style party diner."

A lot of these diner-enthusiasts seem to spend a lot of effort on the tiles and lights, but then ending up pairing them with a regular modern kitchen, so this home diner in Santa Clarita, California gets points for the authentic equipment (albeit with a normal stove). The house is asking $569,500.

This diner in a $1.5 million house in Cumming Georgia is a simple classic (with the exception of the tennis balls on the legs of all the furniture). And for good measure, it's adjacent to a rec room with a pool table.

While this diner in a $1.8 million St. Louis, Missouri house is not exactly the most aesthetically appealing one on this list, it does have quite a lot of seating, and the red and white tile is something different, at least.

While the authenticity of the diner in this $369,900 Corydon, Indiana house suffers somewhat from having a carpeted TV room crammed in the corner, from certain angles (like the one above) it's pretty convincing. And it gets props for what looks like quite a bit of bar space.

A lot of these places are—surprise—pretty newly constructed, so by home diner standards this one in Leesburg, Indiana, built in 1994, is ancient. It is also one of the more charming ones we've seen, with a bar that lights up different colors and 50s-era-appropriate decor. The whole mansion wants $2.5 million.

The best part about this diner in a $1.5 million house in Andover, Kansas is the fact that the walls are lined with paintings of other diners. Is it itself the best diner? No, it is not. But the person who owns it really loves diners, and that's what's important. The second best part is the rest of the house.

One of the luxuries of home diners as compared to real diners is that they don't get too crowded and you probably never have to wait for a table. That said, we very much appreciate this one in a $539,000 Canton, Georgia house packing in seating like it's afraid of going out of business, which really lends an air of authenticity.

This one, in Loveland, Colorado (asking price: $530,000) falls more on the playroom/somewhat-outdated-movie theater end of the spectrum than the reminiscing-about-greasers end. But it's pretty charming nonetheless.

In defense of this "50's diner style kitchenette" in a $195,000 house in Blair, Nebraska, it is the only combo diner/weight room we've seen, so that has to count for something.
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