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Canada and Denmark Have Been Feuding Over an Island For the Past Century

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World Atlas, which has a fascinating piece about Hans Island, the small pile of rocks that Canada and Denmark have been feuding over for the past century, describes the island as follows:

The island is a mere 1.3sq km, uninhabited, devoid of trees and with barely any soil. It is so remote that the closest inhabited location is Alert, Nunavut, 198km to the north. Indeed, very little distinguishes Hans Island from the thousands of other barren islands in the area. Despite this rave review, tensions over ownership of the island, which is located within 12 miles of the shorelines of both Greenland (Denmark) and Canada, have flared up as recently as 2005, when Canadian forces landed on the island and planted a flag, for some reason, prompting Denmark to make a complaint (to someone). The world is an incredibly place.
· Hans Off! Canada and Denmark's Arctic Dispute [World Atlas]