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Tour a Bay Area Eichler After Its Cozy Designer Revamp

Interior designer Denise Maloney grew up in Walnut Creek, CA so she knew about Rancho San Miguel, the neighborhood in the city that contains 375 Eichler homes. However, it wasn't until she and her husband, Dwight, returned to Walnut Creek after living in San Francisco that she spent much time there. While the couple was searching for a home, they discovered one of the low-slung, modernist Eichlers on the market, and they decided to buy it. "I grew up in a more traditional house in Walnut Creek," she says. "But I love modern architecture, and I was drawn to this house. It made sense to me, and I thought every inch was usable space—as opposed to having a formal living room and dining room that you rarely enter." The house needed a remodel, but the couple didn't hesitate to make it their own.

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