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Tokyo's Hotel Okura Auctioning Off Rare Furniture, Décor Items

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The lobby of the Hotel Okura. Photo by Dana Buntrock.
The lobby of the Hotel Okura. Photo by Dana Buntrock.

Like many design fans from around the globe, we've lamented the demolition of Tokyo's iconic midcentury masterpiece, the Hotel Okura, which is making way for a larger, renovated hotel in time for the 2020 Olympics (for a final tour, check out our photo feature from earlier this year). But for those enthralled with the building's unique blend of modernism and Japanese design, a pair of charity auctions offers a chance to bring some of that style home. Held through December 20, the auctions will be selling more than 300 items, including signature pieces such as armchairs from the now-closed Orchid Room and a sofa set from the VIP rooms. Items made from material inside the hotel, including jewelry fashioned from chandeliers and pillows cut from wall cloth, are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to the Japan Times. Why we don't trust our Japanese (or Google Translate) to properly decipher what's still available, the auctions still provide unique time capsules of the design and décor that went into the project.

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