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Missy Elliott's Ungentrified Guide to Downtown Los Angeles

Station via HanSangYoon

Missy Elliott dropped the jam of the late fall last week, "WTF (Where They From)," along with a super fun video full of great dancing and not-entirely-terrifying marionettes. The video was filmed around Downtown Los Angeles, but not the one we've come to know lately—while we're all talking about Whole Foods and the Ace Hotel and Soho House, Elliott and her co-director Dave Meyers have shot on the un-powerwashed terrazzo sidewalks, a few less gentrified blocks up Broadway from the Ace, and underneath the Sixth Street Viaduct, just north on Santa Fe from the future Soho House, in an area that's set to become an "arts plaza" under a new, flashier bridge. (The song seems like it might be about cultural appropriation, incidentally.)

Let's take a tour of Missy's version of Downtown LA in 2015. >>