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Feast Your Eyes on Truro's New Most Expensive Listing

Wow, this house. A tipster sent the brand new Truro listing our way and we've been ogling the stunning spread since it landed in our inbox. The bluff-top "modern masterpiece" was built in 2010 on 1.26 acres overlooking Cape Cod Bay and features jaw-dropping views and its very own private beach. Clad in red cedar, the sprawling four-bedroom weighs in at 6,800 square feet, with every inch looking as though it was ripped from the pages of a shelter magazine and/or blog. Case in point, the indoor/outdoor bunk room with garage door and incredible outdoor bath with a tub, shower, and sitting area are probably two of the most Pin-worthy spaces on Cape Cod. Of course, the rest of the house with its "natural palette of materials (limestone, honed granite, Tabu ash, walnut), accented by subtly rich colors & textures (chenille, faux suede), & powered by cutting-edge technology (Savant home os)" is pretty gorgeous as well. The hefty asking price for 21 Crest View Circle is $8,500,000, making this modern beach house the most expensive listing in town.

· Listing: 21 Crest View Circle, Truro [Zillow]