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This Belgian Cabin Was Designed to Look Like a Witch's Lair

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Architecture studio De Rosee Sa designed this "magical lakeside cabin" in Belgium to resemble a witch's house from a fairytale, or, as one of the architects put it, "the idea was to build a structure that looked strangely familiar." Among the house's theoretically unsettling features are the black walls, pitched roof, smoking chimney, and broom leaning against a wall. All somewhat witch-y, but if they really wanted to get that fairytale aesthetic, here are a few things that might have helped:

· make the whole house out of gingerbread
· make it all look like it's melting
· make it come alive at night

Just some things to consider for the next one.
· De Rosee Sa builds "strangely familiar" black cabin beside a lake in rural Belgium [Dezeen]