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The Eccentric, Unbuilt Skyscrapers of Rem Koolhaas's OMA

Rem Koolhaas's OMA (Office of Metropolitan Architecture) has built a reputation as a creative and cerebral architecture firm, but a new article about the firm's unbuilt and never-finished proposals showcases just how far it sometimes goes in the pursuit of something unique. ArchDaily looked at some of the many unrealized projects that have come from the desks of Rotterdam-based firm, including some that offer the same degree of geometric playfulness as the firm's famous CCTV Tower. Many of the proposed tower designs take aim at the prevalence of linear forms, offering boxlike, even pixelated concepts that play with volume and space like building blocks. From a very theoretical series of high-rises that would house a small city in the sky to a monolith meant for Dubai, it's a curious collection of what-ifs.

See more hypothetical structures and unfinished projects at ArchDaily.

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