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David and Victoria Beckham Set to Buy £27M English Country Estate

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UPDATE: A spokesman for the property says that David and Victoria Beckham have not, in fact, visited, and are not interested, according to the Post.

Newly minted Sexiest Man Alive David Beckham ("I never feel that I'm an attractive, sexy person," he told People, oh so humbly) and his wife Victoria, also widely understood to be sexy, are reportedly buying a £27 million ($41 million USD) estate in the English countryside to be sexy in. The estate has ten bedrooms, six bathrooms, and, according to Daily Mail, "enough land for 380 football pitches." One assumes, however, that if you asked David Beckham about it he would say, "I never feel that it's a big, lavish estate," because he is very humble.

· Now this really is Posh! David and Victoria Beckham 'snap up £27m country estate' complete with ten bedrooms, six bathrooms and enough land for 380 football pitches [Daily Mail]