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30 Stunning Snapshots of Autumn in New York City

Whether it's the changing light against the cityscape, the turning of the leaves, or the abundance of hot apple cider and pumpkin spice everything, there's just something about autumn in New York that makes it catnip for would-be shutterbugs. (Hey, if it's good enough for a Billie Holiday song.…) And much like in the spring, the city hosted a contest for avid Instagrammers to submit the best seasonal snaps with the hashtag #AutumnInNYC. The city crowns one winner, or "ambassador", from each borough, and results have been trickling in this week. So far, Stephen Trainor, who goes by @pictureNYC on Instagram has been crowned the "Brooklyn Ambassador," and Bhushan Mondkar, who goes by @Bhushan_NYC has been crowned the "Queens Ambassador," and Yasmine, who goes by @y_a_s_m_i_n_e_a as the "Bronx Ambassador." But here at Curbed, we're celebrating the best season with 30 of our favorite autumnal images.

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